The App for the Watch Lovers

Watchee reviewed Watchee on January 2020. You can watch the review video here: The full review is available here:

Watchee was reviewed by on October 2019:

Watchee was designed to let watch enthusiasts and collectors easily track key information related to their watches. After Consolidating all your information with many predefined options for ease of use, you will have your watch collection virtually with you on your iPhone!

You can even track which watches you wear the most often and how many days have passed since you last wore it. It can be quite interesting to see which watches are getting the most wrist time and which are mostly hiding away in the watch box. Finding watch specific statistics is as easy as tapping a button each time you wear a watch.

If your watch collection already consists of multiple watches it can sometimes be difficult to choose which watch to wear on a particular morning. The Watch Of The Day -feature will suggest a random watch from your own collection, and I if you choose to go with the suggestion, it will automatically increment Wear Rate statistics and History Log for you.

Watchee is often updated based on the feedback from Watch enthusiast communities. The goal is to make Watchee a complete and versatile Watch collection solution for all the Watch enthusiasts out there!